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Testimonials - Suntrek Ethiopia Tours

On recommendation, we presented our special interests and requirements to Mr. Fethi at Messrs. Suntrek Ethiopian Tours and requested for a travel proposal and its itinerary to cover our intentions accordingly.
Upon approval and some minor alterations we travelled in execution of his itinerary with Mr. Fethi as guide in two new Toyota Land Cruisers, attended by very able drivers and a cook, who always managed to meet our likes and taste.

The tour made us visit very interesting remote tribes in the regions of Gambela, and Dembi Dolo, Asosa and Beles, crossing the blue nil twice, to Zengena Lake via Injibara and resting later in the lodge of the (East African Rift valley) lake Langano. Everywhere we were highly impressed by landscapes and sceneries, and the decent, open and friendly People of Ethiopia.
On our way we visited the tribes of Nuer and Anuak, Berta, Mao and Komo, Gumuz and Shinasha, we took the occasion to shoot unique Photos which are going to be published.

As such our journey was highly successful and met and outmatched by far all our demands and expectations and we enjoyed unexpected comfort even under difficult conditions, i.e. when to camp and cook in the field at places where suitable facilities were not available.

Mr. Fethi not only fulfilled our expressed intentions, he and his team cared for our safety and health in indefatigably, unfailingly and highly professional manner, executing all his tasks without fuss. He arranged for all necessary permits for the access and entrance into protected and restricted areas as well as additional local guides and guards where and when required or advisable. It is due to his awareness and attention that that nothing of our exclusive and expensive equipment got damaged or went lost.