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Abune Yemata

Abune Yemata is one of Gheralta rock-hewn churches. It can be reached from the historic town of Hawzien, turning off at the village of Megab and keeping left on the escarpment. A 4 kms drive from Megab and a further 30 minutes' walk will bring you to the foot of the perpendicular rock mountains of Guh. The scenery is breathtaking and the mountains resemble pillars reaching to the sky. Megab is only 10 kms from Degum or 8 kms south of Hawzien

The church is carved on the cliff face of the Guh Mountains. The challenging and the only way to the church are footholds and handgrips in the rock face. Just before the entrance to the church there is a narrow ledge carved in the cliff from which one can view a sheer drop of approximately 250m to 300m.

In fact, the church is not only known for its difficult ascent but also for its truly remarkable murals. It is colorfully decorated wall to wall with exciting murals of Old and New Testament stories. Nine of the twelve apostles are depicted in a round frame on the ceiling. Abune Yemata on his horseback is shown on one of the walls.